Sky+ output to DVD recorder


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Im just about to get a sky+ box. THing is id like a larger disc and the ability to burn discs or archive
Can you plug a DVD recorder in to transfer to its HD and then burn discs?
If so what quality degradation might there be?

Thanks all


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What would be the best cables needed (im then plugging into the multimedia box for Pioneer 43HDE plasma)???



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SKY+ can only record from it's internal tuners, there is no external inputs and no mpegII encoding hardware since SKY+ records the bitstream directly to the hard drive. This method gives you 100% perfect recordings of the original broadcast and playback identical (minus red dot etc) to the original broadcast.
The hard drive can be unofficialy upgraded although as many people complain of software problems after this procedure as do those that have no issues at all.
SKY+ has both s-video and RGB scart output and the video/audio output can feed a DVD recorder or a combined DVD/HD machine.

From what you want to do it sounds like TIVO or one of the "dumb" DVD/HD combination units would suit your needs as they can record from an external source but obviously they require a seperate SKY digibox if you want access to that content.

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