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prof yaffle

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Hi all,
I'm planning on feeding my Sky box into my existing plasma & a new projector & was wondering the best way to connect? Currently thinking about using my existing RGB SCART-YUV converter (John Sim's) - & running that into a Keene distribution amp (KPDA). This gives 5-outputs from 1-input... but no idea what the quality of the amp is like.
Anyone used one of these & able to comment on the quality of the distributed output?


dont you have a video processor which could help you out in some way? Mine is exactly intended this way but will be able to provide 2 distinct outputs..... just a thought


Joe Fernand

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prof yaffle

I've never used the Keene box you ask about so cant comment on it being good or bad.

Assuming RGB converted to YUV works for both your Plasma and Projector I would normally supply/recommend a Kramer VS-21 if you want a low cost (sub £200 - with 3Yr Warranty) wide bandwidth solution - though its a mechanical device.

See http://www.kramerelectronics.com/indexes/desc.asp?p=VS-21

You will also have to factor in cable lengths when looking at any of these products - if your driving a long cable to the projector you may require something with a line amplifier on-board.

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