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At the moment I have got the following:-

Sky Digi TV-out scart -> TV
Sky Digi VCR-out scart -> Panasonic e30 DVD recorder

I have read somewhere that only the Sky TV-out scart does Widescreen auto-switching, and this is proved by it working on the TV and the DVD recording in 4:3. If I switch the cables then the DVD appears to record in WS with the TV not auto-switching.

Could someone else confirm this please?
And more importantly recommend some sort of splitter so the TV-out scart can go to both the TV and DVDR automatically (don't want a manual switcher).
People have recommended splitters/controllers on other threads, but these seem to be 2 inputs to a TV, for example, or am I missing something?

cheers, Owen.


Have you tried plugging the digibox TV out into the e30 and the e30 AV1 into the AV1(RGB) of the tele?

To get the very best recordings you should use an RGB source, this is only available on the Digibox TV Scart. Make sure the e30 is set to RGB in and RGB out and you should get your w/s switching and a better picture!



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Just to backup what DaveP has said - this is, essentially, the setup I use and it works well.

I use the TV out on Sky (set to RGB) to the RGB in on the HS2 (which is the same as the E30) and then onto a Scart Controller and then onto the TV. Works very well!


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But it has a major issue doing that.

Set to decoder on the recorder input and the recorder only records what is coming from the digibox unless it is switched off, no matter what channel is selected on the recorder.

Set to normal and you can then record from the digibox or other channels, BUT whilst recording is ongoing using the timer, you cant see anything from the digibox even if that is the recording source.

Is widescreen switching only available through an RGB source?

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