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I was debating between either getting Sky+ or a DVD recorder and hoping somebody could tell me what the pros and cons of both options would be. If it was a DVD recorder i would prefer it to do the same things as sky+ with the option to record to dvd later. I'm not sure what sort of models do this and their price. Would be grateful for any help.


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I have both :-( but when you add it up thats equal to a £700 dvd recorder Sky+ is very good though as you can record 2 channels at the same time


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I don't have both but a HD based system would always be my first choice. Fully integrated recorder and tuner is by far a more convienient method for watching/recording broadcast television.
However if you do like to have a shelf full or recordings or lend copies to friends then a DVD recorder had obvious advantages, in that case like robjohn you should have both:)

Basic difference of course is that the SKY+ is integrated with it's digital tuner so it's a one box solution and allows you to reocrd a channel and watch another, record two and watch a recording. Any DVD recorder also has to have a SKY digibox linked via scart and when you are recording from SKY you can not use the digibox for anything else so no better than a VHS in that regard.

Very biased opinion..... Get SKY+ and save for a DVD recorder:)

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Got both as well. Toshiba DVD recorder with HDD came first and i used it all the time just for storing progs on the HD and recording a few movies. since Sky+ installed a month ago i think i've had my Toshiba on twice. Sky+ is just so convienient i amazed and ****** i didn't upgrade earlier.
If you do go for a DVD recorder i would still recomend the extra cost of a built in HD for editing purposes which you can't do on Sky+ box.


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