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Kinda new here, but just wanted advice on whether it might be better to go down the Sky+ route, or maybe nvest in a HDD recorder setup instead.

Not too sure the later will allow recording off Sky though?


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Depends really. Sky+ is subscription based and a HDD recorder is not. If you have a normal Sky digibox (which I guess you do) I'd definitely go with Sky+ any day. There is no longer a £10/month charge for Sky+ recording features so you will just have the cost of a new Sky+ installation which isn't that much these days, probably cheaper than the HDD recorder option. And you can then move your old Sky digibox to another room as a freesat box.

The Sky+ recording features are so well integrated into the Sky package you would not get the same benefits with a standalone HDD recorder. Series link, Live TV pause and rewind, Set a program to record from a trailer, etc are all great features you wouldn't get with a standalone HDD recorder.

If you have Sky then defo go with the Sky+ option, it's great!

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When you say HDD recorder it depends on whether you mean a Freeview PVR - such as a Topfield or Humax or a DVD recorder with a hard drive.

If you mean a PVR then you won't be able to record off Sky (assuming you have a standard Sky box ) only off the freeview channels. However the PVRs have much of the convenience and ease of use of a Sky+ box, not quite as good but not far off. With most you can record 2 programmes at once, pause live tv and on some set series link. (Topfield with a TAP, Humax's ability to do this should be downloaded later this year). Obviously the advantage is that you don't have to subscribe to Sky, so much cheaper.

If you mean a DVD/HD recorder you can record off your Sky box or the recorder's internal tuner but only one channel at a time and if you are recording Sky you have to set both timers in the recorder and Sky box. Assuming that the recorder you buy is Freeview (I wouldn't recommend one with an analogue tuner) it's easy to set recordings on the EPG. The big advantages of a recorder are that it's very easy to edit programmes on the hard drive (remove commercials for instance) and, should you want to keep something, you can burn it to DVD.


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Does Sky+ allow you to edit recorded programs (remove commercials) also?

No, Sky+ works like a PVR in that it records the whole programme that it has been told to record via the EPG or by pressing the record button when the programme is being transmitted. But you would only use the Sky+ hard drive for keeping things to be watched back later (short-term storage), not for keeping things for ever and a day. For that, you would use a long-term storage method such as DVDR, where you can, of course, edit out the commercials.

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