SKy One : Double or Nothing - What Happened?

Hmmm.. it was not shown tonight.. instead a programme on Tyson..

Did it get pulled completely.. anyone know why ?

Was it a big scam?




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The Programme was shown at 8pm on Sky One. It finished early at 8:30pm.

Oh by the way, he won after placing it all on Red.


it was a pathetic media stunt to get the guy on tv and his 15 minutes the money had nothing to do with it

he sold all his possessions through auctions and car boots etc and go nowhere near their worth

pointless and stupid


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I saw it - thought it was on @ 9pm though - anyway it was the most exciting TV I have ver seen...



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I was so excited at the prospect of this program that I totally forgot it was on :)

Seems stupid, he sold everything, which means he must have sold things for less than half it's original worth and he only got 2x the total money back from the bet... so he still lost. Another quality reality TV program concept from Sky, I'm surprised they didn't pad it out with half naked Las Vegas dancing girls.

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