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Evenin all - just a quick couple of Q's.
I've just ordered Sky+ (as a brand new customer) with their "6 months free sports" offer and have bought the Sky+ box (for £99) instead of the usual 'free' box.
As I've paid for the Sky+ box, I've every right to expect a brand new box yes ? Not one of the re-conditioned ones..?
If thats the case, are their any options re; manufacturers ? (my neighbour has a Thomson Sky+ box and he's had no problems with it)
Am I best to avoid any Amstrad boxes ?
If I was getting the box for free, I'd acknowledge I have very little choice, but as I'm paying good money....
Finally (last Q) - I hope to connect the box to my amp via optical....any
lip-sync issues to be aware of ?
Cheers in advance...I know I'll get decent advice here.


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I asked the installer the Sky box choice for my new installation (which was done yesterday), and he stated Amstrad or Thomson. Then he told me he nevers give the customer any choice of the box, they get whatever he picks up from his van! I got the Amstrad box...
The guy did a decent job of the install and I was fully operational within 1hr 30 mins.

However, just tonight, I notice the box is making a slow clicking noise during normal viewing!:( . Will give it a few days to see if it improves or else I'll get Sky back for a replacement box.



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The clicking noise is the HDD as it constantly records for the rewind facility but you can easily turn this setting off.
I would suggest you ring up sky customer services, it will be on their screen as to whether it's new or refurb. And you can also ask them what box you're down for and then make a big song and dance about getting the one you want. As you're prob the only one in the uk paying for a box at the mo :)


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The only "new" Sky+ boxes in the system at the moment are "Amstrad" and "Thompson" both look almost identical. Pace stopped making them last year. Threads on the forums at seem to suggest that the Amstrads are actually better.:cool:


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Thanks to all who've contributed. I have emailed Sky giving a preference for a NEW Thomson's hoping ("don't ask, don't get" kinda-thing)
Any comments on the optical cable question...?
Will it provide considerably better sound than a pair of normal stereo leads ?
Thanks again.

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