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I have a Phillips 32pw6826 & have it connected up to my Sky box through the EXT1 (RGB) scart socket.

I had a run of the mill scart cable & thought this was why the picture was so bad so went & got an Ixos 126-75AV scart cable that did improve the picture quality but I’m still not happy.

The main problem seems to be that if im watching a footi match & they have a box in the top corner with the score in, the right hand side of the box is leaning to one side & not straight.

If I’m just watching BBC1 - 4 through my aerial then the picture is 10 times better.

Any ideas????


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It sounds like you have geometry problems which only show up clearly when you watch something in 16:9 ratio.
It's probably a good idea to get an engineer to have a look at the TV. If however, the bend is less than 5mm, then he will probably say it is "within tolerance" and won't do anything!

If you are feeling confident, a visit to the service menu should improve things somewhat. Do a search on the forum for "Philips Service Menu". Remember to write down all the original settings first!

Good luck ;)


I have an engineer coming out to see me tomorrow.

So Ill let you know what I get flogged off with.

Fingers crossed that he might be able to solve my problems but Im not holding my breath!!!

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