Sky+ now or wait for Sky HD box?



Hi Y'all!

I've been reading about the offer (if I can get it!) for existing sky customers in this forum

I am really in two minds whether to get sky+ now (which I really want to) and be left with possibly an old piece of equipment when the new sky HD box comes out next year - should I wait?

Can anyone offer any advice on this as I'm sick of setting my VCR!!!


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Do you have equipment that is capable of displaying High Definition pictures?
If not then Sky HD will look the same as the standard definition that is available now. With the offer that is about now, then why not go for it. It's only the price of a meal for two in a nice restaurant.


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My son intends to go for High Def-if & when it comes.
He has an old Sky box from his previous.
There is a dish, with an apparently cut off cable therefrom, on his new property which he is curently refurbishing-floorboards up,exposed wall studding etc.
He intends to have a final set up of:-
DDSky+ direct to Cinema projector & and to LCD TV via "Magic Eye".
He also wants to have "Freesat" to the TV to minimise "clash of interests".
At this stage he just wants guidance on cable runs before plasterboard up & carpets down.
He is considering having bog standard Sky until DD arrives,then have it with Sky+.
Q1- Could he initially have "Freesat" & later,Basic Sky, from the existing dish?
Q2- Would he have to have a new dish for the HDSky+?
Q3- What would be the most straightforward/cost effctive route for him to take so that he can get the cables in?-cables later being redundant not a problemAny hep/advice gratefully received. Thanks.


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Similar problem here. For £89 the Sky+ offer is not bad. The question is what happens in 6 months (?) when you want to upgrade to Sky HD. Presumably, you will not own the Sky+ box as otherwise you could easily sell it on ebay for about £90 and upgrade to Sky HD. In the worst case you loose £89, which is still not bad. Cannot imagine a Sky HD launch before March 2006 and until you actually get your hands on a box it's probably May 06.


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Same dilema here. I've just decided to go for it and ordered Sky+ (PVR3) @ £65. I don't think there is much to lose at this price. It may even be beneficial in the long run. Knowing Sky, they may even offer a better deal to Sky+ subscribers. (i.e. they may charge less to Sky+ than normal Sky punters to change to Sky Hi-Def)

Go for it (you know you want to!!)


jonandjen :smashin:


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Sky have already released a few details about HD, there's another thread somewhere on here with pictures of the new HD box. Rumours are it'll cost £500+ to begin with so i'd just stick to Sky+ for now if I was you.....Not sure if it'll require a different dish or not??

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