SKY+ Not Auto Switching on Sony KV36FS76


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I have recently purchased a Sony KV36FS76 TV and I am having difficulty with a SKY+ box not Auto switching when the SKY button is pressed. I have the SKY+ box connected to AV1 using a fully wired SCART. I have tried a Samsung DVD player using the same SCART connected to AV1 and this works OK and I have also tried the SKY+ box on a different TV using the same SCART and again this works OK.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

By the way the KV36FS76 picture quality is superb !


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Sorry to hijack your post, but how is your convergence - as mine is slightly off, or am I just unlucky this time?

Is shows up on white vertical lines like the letter "I" on a dark background. Slight red on one side and blue on the other.

Ta and sorry again,


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Hi Matt

Not noticed any problems with the convergance and I am very pleased with the picture quality, just the SCART switching which is slightly annoying. I have set the AV1 to Pr6 as a compromise.



err...sorry to reply to Matt's hijacking of your post but the convergence is fine on my FS36 too - I've just checked it on BBC parliament.....



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I REALLY appreciate your answers!

Awaiting a new TV next week.

Glad to hear you got a work around anyway. Just to add I haven't had any problems like you mention on AV1 or 2 with my NTL & DVD player.


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