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Just moved into a new house round the corner from our last house, but lower down in the town and tv reception is abysmal here. We had a great picture from my Echostar box before but now even with a booster I can only get a very snowy analogue picture which is just unwatchable and the freeview box is out of the question.

I'm considering Freesat though the Sky packages are discounted at the moment and it would work out cheaper to run one of those for 12 months and then ditch them. A couple of questions first though before I jump in there.

1. If I get a Sky package do I get a Freesat card as well so that I can watch C4 and C5 as reading on here indicates they aren't available without a card?

2. Once my Sky 12 months is up and I stop paying for it will I still get the Freesat channels?

3. Anyone experience reception problems with Sky in Cornwall?

Thanks in advance :)


1, Although they talk of a Freesat card it is in effect a normal vewing card with the subscription removed, so you'll just get one card which will revert to freesat if you ever cancel your sub.

2, Yes

3, I would doubt it, well withn Skys footprint.


Yes, you won't, nor More4. But if you get a subscription you won't have to worry about it for at least 12 months as they're part of the standard viewing package.

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