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Hi, does anyone know what this could be.....

We have a quad LMB linked to two rooms. One room, is working fine, the other constantly says there is no signal.
I have taken the sky box from the working room and plugged it into the room where it says no signal and even that box says no signal.

I have checked the cable and can see no breaks or damage. What else could it be?
It always worked completely fine. The dish must be ok, or the first room wouldn't be working well.

All I can think is that its the cable, but the cable has never been moved or tampered with or bent excessively. I have tried cutting the end off at the tv and re adding the plug just in case there was something wrong with that part of the cable, but still no signal.
I am running out of options.


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You haven't got a quad LMB - because there's no such thing as an LMB. You may well have a quad LNB.

Could be damaged cable or damaged LNB output(s). Climb up to dish, connect cable which is currently passing a good signal to LNB output which isn't currently passing any signal, and see whether box in first room stops working. If so, you know it is the LNB which is knackered. If it continues to work, you know it is the cable which is damaged.
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You have a "sky box" in one room - what type of machine is that, and what do you have in the other room?
You mention "cutting the end off at the tv" - how does the TV come into it?

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