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Sky news ticker Text since HD upgrade


Prominent Member
Hi, I've recently upgraded to Sky HD and ever since then when watching Sky news, the ticker text along the bottom frequently breaks up its still readable its, but each character has several lines through it and is more grey in colour, any experienced this oddity? :confused:


Prominent Member
I've always had this problem - really annoying me. Happens with HDMI on any resolution, and component on everything except 576i, (but the text does still go funny with 576i - like it is going bold/unbold quickly). Also doesn't look perfect over Scart.

I personally think that the HD box can't handle scrolling text very well.




Prominent Member
Thanks pob. I've read in other threads people say the same about the ticker on sky sports too. Didn't have a problem with the old 'SD' box. Wonder if its reporting as a fault.. It certainly is annoying.. :mad:


Established Member
Wish it could be turned off :thumbsdow

Martin J.

Established Member
This crops up over and over... it's down to the deinterlacer in your TV. Pioneer and Panasonics are particularly bad, they get thrown off by the cadence of the rest of the material and deinterlace based upon it, not on the small area of screen the ticker uses.


Established Member
If you're using the HDMI connection to your TV, it's the deinterlacing in the HD box that's at fault, since the signal passed to the screen is 576p (unless you have a means of forcing to to 576i, e.g. a scaler).

It's not fair to blame the screen for this.

If you're using component at 576i, blame the screen by all means.

Using SCART for the SD channels would fix it, of course, but it's more hassle.



Standard Member
We just had sky news on and the ticker tape was fine, it was a sd signal from the hd channel through an hdmi cable.


Prominent Member
I connect to Sky HD box via component. Surely if it were a screen fault it would be permanent? I watched it this morning and it didn't play up at all! :confused:


Established Member
If you want to stop it, use a scart for all sd viewing and HDMI or component for HD. Its a "feature" of the Sky HD box. An old old problem.

Jaycee Dove

Established Member
It IS the TV. We had the Sky HD box working on a CRT for a few days until our Panasonic 37 PX 60 arrived. The problem was not there. Once we got the HD TV it has appeared every now and then on fast moving text.

Not just on ticker news channels. There is a TV advert where a disc rotates in the corner of the screen (a company logo) and this shows the same effect as it turns. And another where the idiotic record promo rushes all the song titles from an album across the screen in about 10 seconds. This starts off with the text showing fine, then the screen gets caught out and it goes fuzzy. So it clearly is some kind of problem adjusting to fast moving text.

It is a minor irritration but I personally do not find it more than that.


Distinguished Member
What HDMI output setting are people using who are getting this? My money's on 1080i.

Although pob says any resolution, I'm surprised if it does it on 576p


Prominent Member
If it were the TV why didn't I get this problem with the old Standard sky box? :confused: Also I've noted that If I watch Sky news on an HD channel e.g. Sky one HD which has the news first thing in the morning, I gon't get the problem. :confused:

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