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Hi guys,
Newbie to this forum. Have viewed it a few times and found all the posters to be really good. You can get more information here than you can by contacting the manufacturers/customer services of many organisations, so a big thank you to all that contribute.
Now my question is a bit of a strange one I think. Just got a Tosh 36ZP18P, ( yes I know a bit behind the times!!). All set up ok according to manual etc. Set my Sky+ box to 16:9 and tv on "wide" mode. When I watch Sky News or BBC 24 etc, the ticker at the bottom of the screen does not fill the whole picture. It leaves a small gap on the lefthand side of the screen as does the Sky News logo on the top left. It is really annoying. However if the Sky box is set to 4:3 then the whole of the screen is filled! Sky customer services cannot help, dont even understand. Contacted Tosh and they tried it on their telly and got the same thing with the Sky box set at 16:9. Tosh said it is down to Sky and that the telly is fine.
So has anyone else had this and if so did you overcome it or leave it or go back to 4:3 on the Sky box.
Thanks for reading.
All the best

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