Sky, new series of 24, picture quality?


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Just started watching 24 on sky - and it is great.

BUT the picture quality is so bad it's embaressing - there is so much compression when people move about there are giant pixels everywhere - this is driving me mad.

Is there a way to get a better picture? Changing sky box? Would that make a difference?

I accept that the news channels and the like have high compression but on SKy One I would expect much better. It's worse than trying to watch Football on ITV.

Your Thoughts?>



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SKY recently freed up some space on the SKY1 transponder which had the result of vastly increasing the bitrate, the resulting picture was Stunning.

However this was short lives since they have now change the settings on the satmux or other specs and the bitrate for SKY1 has dropped through the floor, around 3% for an hours programming !!!

The picture quality especially during "24" has been under heavy discussion on the digitalspy forums as well.

There may be a significant difference when the show is on MIX which I think is still on a different transponder and wasn't affected by the changes.


I maybe a cynic, but as SKY are launching HDTV early 2006 it's in their interest that the current pictures get poorer and poorer... I'd heard the BBC was trying to up "bit rates", but Sky prevented this. The "best" pictures I've seen have been on BBC1 or 2...


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The bitrates on SKY 1 are back to normal now (5%-6% an hour).

SKY have ZERO control of the bitrates the BBC use and for their reputation I consider their Dsat offering to be quite poor in terms of picture quality.
However due to there regional nature of BBC1 I do know it's possible for one viewer to be getting good pictures while another gets terrible pictures.
Perfect example was the Man U FA cup game a couple of weeks ago, BBC1 East midlands Dsat was terrible, quite scan through the EPG and I found a far better picture on BBC1 London, that's just pathetic when you think about it.

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