Question Sky+ Multiscreen Viewing Card Still Possible To Use Despite Being Years Old?


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Hi everyone,

I would really appreciate some advice on something that I cannot seem to find an answer to anywhere. Basically, a number of years ago we were intending to get Sky+ Multiscreen installed where we live and something unfortunate occurred where we went through all of the necessary stages with the date of installation arranged, however, the process ended up not being seen through to an entire conclusion. This was because on the day the Sky box was supposed to be installed, the Sky+ Multiscreen Viewing Card had not arrived resulting in the engineer being unable to carry out the work to a finish. At the time, there were full intentions of re-arranging the install date but a family crisis meant this understandably slipped in terms of priorities and was put on hold indefinitely until it escaped our thoughts for a while before returning some time later.

Anyhow, the Sky+ Multiscreen Viewing Card arrived after the original install date but because of the circumstances it stayed with us and we were unable to do anything with it. The Multiscreen subscription meant we were able to get Sky Go Extra for free and we were aware that we would likely be charged for this each month if the Multiscreen set-up was not seen through to a conclusion. Subsequently, Sky Go Extra was cancelled but we did not do anything to withdraw our entitlement to have Sky+ Multiscreen in our household.

My question is, if we put the Sky+ Multiscreen Viewing Card into our Sky+HD box will it still work? We have been Sky customers for over ten years and have never left or cancelled a viewing subscription. The original viewing card we have had since we first signed up is always in use with the box that we were supplied with which is a standard Sky+ box and we are really hoping that if we place the Sky+ Multiscreen Viewing Card into our Sky+HD box that we will be able to run both boxes at the same time with this being recognised as a Sky+ Multiscreen subscription.

With new customers only being able to take up Sky Q I would also like to ask whether two viewing cards can be registered to a Sky+ account with the second card being used in a Sky+HD box with Multiscreen?

Thank you so much to anybody who is able to offer their support in connection to this, I really appreciate any information that you would be able to give!


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In a nutshell the answer is no,sky stopped doing this in have to have sky Q to take advantage of multi room.
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not as a muiltyroom but if its paired to a hd box its possable, i can make old hd boxes give all channels but only in sd not hd,
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sky Q boxes are difficuilt but ,yes wot you need to do is out the older HD-box in what ever-room you want to use it , the see in the systerm if that card is paired to that box! do not connect it to the phone line or internet , the box will ask for this if its not paired anyway, so just put the card in see what it does! dont try watching a hd channel ! goup high in the 800+ numbered channels these are sd- you shld find u can watch any sky entertainment channel sky 1 , witness, dave ect ect if it says please pair card do it online with a laptop in your sky account , i have both running here in my living-room iv got sky Q 1tb lrg in our dinning room the mini box, then in each bedroom i have our old 2tb hd box running sd channels and in the kids room x 2 sky hd boxes again we pay for the sky Q but have never been charged for any of the other 3 old boxes ,dont know why they work but they do untill it asks for a pin number and canr watch sports or movies , so I did a test I bought a old 2tb box off ebay it came without a card so bought another card then used my account to pair it to the new box and again it works ! and has for last 4 years free off charge , this must be some sort of glitch in there systerm it is

a hassel finding channels up high in the 800's as the boxes want to start at 001 and hd but you got 20 faviourits spots .its good if you have a sky account and want a box in a room and they work out of the house as our daught has one at uni but with sky go and the vx boxes !
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