Sky+ Multiroom with no aerial?


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I know this seems a silly question but nobody is answering my original question, is there anyway to get Sky+ multiroom without an additional aerial? There is already a magic eye going into one of the rooms but we would like a multiroom subscription in the other but nobody will install an aerial for us and Sky are not inrerested because its a communal dish.

Any help on how we can get an extra sky+ box in a room with no aerial or how we can get an aerial installed would be much appreciated thank you.


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Already explained in my answer in your other post

Sky+ requires 2 LNB inputs adding a Multiroom standard box would require another.

In a communal installation with only one connection there is really no way.

What is required is 3 separate, independent outputs from the LNB/dish *not* an aerial.

BTW - patience is a virtue. It's only 12 hours since your original post
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