Sky Movies HD2 transponder move


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Seems Movies HD2 has been moved of it's old transponder and away from Sky One and SBO.

Hopefully we'll see an improved bit rate on all 3 channels now.

I for one will be an interested observer
There hasn't been any transponder move. Sky Movies HD 2 (ex Sky Movies 10 HD) is still located at 12344 H. The web page linked above simply shows a scan of the 12344 H transponder taken while Sky Movies 2 HD wasn't running... Notice the date & time listed at the bottom of that page: 06.04.2007 07:46 UTC.

Keep in mind that while Sky Movies HD 2 isn't running, between 3 AM and 12 PM, the channel is used to feed Sky Anytime HD programs. During those times the service name “Sky Movies HD 2” disappears and the channel is only identified by its SID (“Service 3897”).

It's the same deal as Sky Movies HD 1, which officially stops running between 3 AM - 11 AM, but remains active during that window to feed Anytime HD stuff with the SID “Service 3896”.


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Still hungover and wishful thinking on my part.

Checked on astra and yep I'm being a pleb

Think I'll go back to bed and keep quiet till I sober up :oops:

In the meat time Sky sort it out


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hehe Nothing wrong with a little wishful thinking. Many of us are hoping and praying for a relocation of either Movies HD 2 or Sky One HD, to free up some much needed bandwidth for those channels.

What is more likely to happen though is that Sky One HD will eventually move to 11798 H, where it has been testing for a while now under the name “TEST (122-2)”.

If/when this relocation goes through it should have the effect we’re all hoping for, freeing up bandwidth for all channels involved. Movies HD 2 and Box Office HD 1 (on 12344 H) would each get at least 18 Mbps at all times, while Movies HD 1 and a relocated Sky One HD (on 11798 H) would also each have at least 18 Mbps available to them. But this remains a hypothetical scenario for now...

Jaycee Dove

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This explains why the HD quality via Anytime varies.

For the last two weeks the first Anytime download of Lost has taken up 3% for 43 minutes - no better, possibly even a bit worse, than the live Sky Onc HD transmission (5% for 63 minutes)

But if you delete this and Anytime reloads it (as it has with me both times) it comes back as 5% for 43 minutes - a much better bit rate than the live Sky Onc transmission.

From what is being said does that suggest that the first Anytime download is from the Movies HD 2 downtime and the second from the superior quality of Movies HD 1?


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I tried deleting Lost but it didn't reload :mad:

I truly felt the anytime version PQ wasn't as good as the Sky1HD. So I ended up watching the latter.


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From what is being said does that suggest that the first Anytime download is from the Movies HD 2 downtime and the second from the superior quality of Movies HD 1?
Yep. Typically the Anytime HD stuff is fed in a time-shifted and round-robin fashion via both Movies HD1 and Movies HD2. For instance, a given program will be fed first via Movies HD1 starting at around 3:07 AM, and then 30 minutes later via Movies HD2. So if your box records it from HD2 you'll end up with a lower bitrate version.

Things get trickier with Lost because new episodes have also been fed to digiboxes ahead of time, prior to the Sunday night premiere on Sky One, but only via SM HD2. Then the same episode was fed again, on the following Monday morning, but this time via both SM HD1 and HD2 (30 minutes later.)

Basically there are three versions of Lost in HD available to us -- and the quality differences between them are substantial. It goes something like this:

Anytime Service 3896 (11798 H) [size=+2]>[/size] Sky One HD (12344 H) [size=+2]>[/size] Anytime Service 3897 (12344 H)

And that's not taking into account the higher-bitrate test version of Sky One HD, on 11798 H, since it is not accessible via the digibox. Besides, lately it has stopped carrying an audio PID altogether, so it's of no use to anyone at the moment...

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