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Sky Max opinions


We're currently with BT for our phone and ADSL24 (re-seller of entanet) for our broadband. We're looking into moving to sky to have the max internet package and the anytime phone package, as it'll save us quite a bit of money each month on both our current internet and phone bills.

So, what I'd like to know is what are your opinions of skys broadband service? I've read the LLU service (what this is) is quite good, but it's peace of mind to hear it first hand. Do they limit the bandwidth? Is it good on xbox live and pc gaming? Whats their customer service like? Is the line quality good or subject to dropouts?

My sync rate is currently 1.8 and throughput usually around 1.3, so I'm aware that I wont get a speed increase, due to the distance, but this isn't why we are considering moving.

Also, if I ordered online via the upgrade section of my sky area (as I have tv), would I be automatically put onto LLU and ADSL2+?


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We have had Sky max for a week now, it has worked perfectly with no cut outs or any other problems.

We are still subject to line testing which seems to have messed up somewhere along the lines (possibly a short power cut one night over the weekend) Looks like it will need a phone call to rectify if it does not sort itself out.

I would recommend Sky :smashin:


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we have had it for about 4 months now

BT said may i could get was 8meg, Sky came installed boom 14meg for £10 instead of BT's £26.99

i rate it very highly... i do all my downloads at night out of respect.. and i can safely say i have downloaded around 350gb without a single hitch


Awesome, thanks for all your replies, they seem pretty good from the sounds of it. CoNs, I'm the same at the mo with downloads. I set them off at night mainly because 12am to 8am doesnt count toward my allowance, but even if it was unlimited, i'd do the same as I like to browse and play xbox during the evening anyway.

At the mo we're paying £20 for asdl24, so we'll save 10 quid there and we're paying BT £5 for off peak phone where it's the same price for anytime with sky. So we should save quite a bit of money.


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No complaints from me either. Heard stories in the past that Sky were a bit iffy but have improved so I moved from BT to Sky Max a few months back.

Cheaper, faster and no throttling during peak hours so I'm very glad I made the move from BT to Sky.

May take out the Talk in Nov but we paid £140 to get a BT line in our flat last Nov so I'm a little unsure if I want to move the phone to Sky but we'll see. Not sure what saving I'll make on the phone but of course a fiver on the BB bill :)


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Been on Sky Max package for almost two years now and have had very little problem. Ok, the speed is not the best, partly because I am so far from the exchange, but it doesn't bother me much as it's not used for games or large file downloads.

Yes it does go through patches where you have to re-boot the router because for some reason the speed almost stops, but when I checked this morning it had been connected for 500+ hours.

I checked this morning, because the connection had gone down - totally.
Phoned Sky for the first time ever. Got straight through, "yes, very sorry, exchange fault..... being attended to.... sorry, don't know how long..." By the time I got off the phone and made a coffee, it was back up again. Well, what can I say?

On the downside, I would say the Sky website is not really designed for the internet user. To be fair, it has improved over time, but most of it is really for tv and to push you to spend more money upgrading to multiroom or HD. Even the mail is Googlemail and there are no luxuries like free webspace.

In fact, I am thinking of moving away from Sky. Not because of the service, but because of the cost and the ties between services. I am fed up because, it seems every time I get a bill, it's gone up. My broadband has just gone up from £10 to £15 per month: a 50% increase. That's not inflation!

You'll be offered a really good deal to get you signed up for the first year, then to avoid a stiff increase you'll need to agree to something else like HD maybe, or as in my case, the landline calls, which of course means a new minimum contract of everything for a further 12 months.

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