Sky Magic Eye not working on new 19" TV?


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I've just brought a new Samsung 19" LCD TV for the bedroom to replace a 10yr old Panasonic "big back" TV.

I have Sky HD, and the old Panasonic set works perfectly using a magic eye link with a cable running from the RF out on the sky box.
However, the eye fails to display a picture on the new 19" Samsung. I can't understand it, everything works fine on the old set, you can change channels, adjust volume etc but I can't even get any picture or sound on the new TV. (When I press the buttons on the sky remote the red infrared signal flicks on the eye but nothing on screen)

It obviously can't be a fault with the magic eye, settings or cabling or the setup wouldn't work on the old TV.

Any ideas why this would be? I really want to get this new flatscreen up and running but unless I can get the sky to work upstairs then I'll put the old Panasonic back up.

Any help appreciated.
Thank you.

Stevenage Neil

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Your TV needs to be set to analogue input, and tuned in.

Jon P

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as said you need to tune the new tv into the Sky signal on the analogue tuner you'll also need to program the sky remote to the new tv if you want the sky remote to operate things like tv volume and tv on/off.


the eye fails to display a picture
I can't even get any picture or sound on the new TV
The eye doesn't display anything, the cable and the plugs on the ends of it do that.
What have you done to try to get them - did it include setting the TV to analogue and tuning a spare programme to channel 68?


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Hi thanks for your help I tuned in analogue and it works fine.
The only issue now is the volume won't work on the sky remote,
but I'll check if I need to program it in again.
Thanks everyone.


You're welcome.

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