Sky+ loss of signal!


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Since getting Sky+ installed about a month ago we’ve had nothing but signal problems.
The movie channels regularly don’t work, giving "no satellite signal is being received" message and (this will sound strange) but at 9:55a.m every morning we get horrendous picture break-up and stuttering! I'm not taking the pee here - its regular as clockwork. Come five-to-nine the picture break-up and stuttering arrives and lasts about twenty minutes! It was first noticed as a regular occurrence due to the salon :)rolleyes: ) starting at 10:00 but it happens on other channels too. Recordings often have interference where the picture skips frames and any sign of heavy rain or snow and the signal goes completely.
Our signal strength and signal quality is dreadful. Both tuners show a strength of no more than 40% and signal quality about half of that, which I assume is causing the problem. They regularly show “not locked” and often come-and-go between being not-locked and locked on.

The sky+ was fitted by local satellite installers who did a complete cowboy job of the installation. Pulled up, whipped in another wire, connected it to the back of the sky box and told us to ring sky ourselves to sort the rest out! They were here and gone within half-an-hour and really didn’t have the slightest bit of interest.
Because I didn’t go directly through sky, I’m unsure whether the usual sky warranty applies and how I am covered now.

I’ve unplugged the cables from the box, tried removing the card, unplugging the sky box but nothing seems to do the trick…what are my options now?


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Pathetic installation covers just about every problem you have with the exception of the regular 9.55am problem which have an external cause (microwave transmitter, radar detector etc).

The installation is covered by the usual consumer rights legislation, it's substandard and not fit for the purpose.
The problem of course is that a company who are so lax with quality are likely to be just as poor when confronted with your complaints.


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So is my warranty with Sky or with the installer?
If my box were to break (heaven forbid) who would be liable to replace it?

Yesterday the picture breakup was that bad we watched Freeview most of the day. The BBC channels in particular were awful! :(


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Authorised SKY dealers who offered SKY+ under an agreement with SKY are still responsible for the actual physical installation, the retailer is the first point of contact.
If you had bought SKY+ from Dixons the installation would have been past onto to SKY approved installers and SKY would then handle warranty work.
Can't remember which forum I read this but Dixons have refused to accept responsibilty for a SKY+ bought and installed by an individual, bit dodgy if you ask me but they do try to weedle out of the responsibilities:(

The question is was this installation part of a SKY agreement with the dealer/installer, if it was then SKY will handle any work and they can take the matter of poor installation with their dealer.
If it wasn't then the dealer is responsible for their own work, usual 12 month guarantee/warranty on the installation should apply.
Always useful if the matter isn't cleared up after a call to the dealer or SKY is a visit to the local Trading Standards or CAB.


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I have had a number of faulty boxes in the last couple of months , I have had to send about six back for a similar problem to yours , so it may be a bad batch.

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