Sky + LNB Signals the same ?


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I've just had Sky + fitted and overall i'm very happy, however, should the 2 lnb's register the same signal strength and quality ? they used my old cable for one and i'm wondering if that's an issue ? i have had one program lose signal during recording and it's only been here 5 days.


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It's quite possible for both LNB inputs to register the same values, most people worry about one being lower than the other:)

As long as they are both well above 50% and continue to provide a good signal in heavy rain there is nothing to worry about.
The loss of signal on one recording could be a tuner/cable or LNB issue, you could swap them over and see if your live viewing is interrupted at anytime.


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Nothing to worry about as long as they are both strong in bad weather. They are in reality two seperate systems so it is no surprise that they register slightly different values.
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