Sky link eye gone mad!!!


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We have 2 SLX link magic eye things, one in the bedroom, one in the kitchen, they both come from an SLX boaster in the attic which is feed via the RF2 out put on my SKY box, all been working fone for over 2 years, until now!

First of all about a week ago, what ever you pressed on the remote (when using the eye links, somehting else would happen, like press 3 and the guide would appear, or it would switch off, then i kept getting the replace batteries in the remote - Batteries are fine and it works no problems on the actuall sky box!

I check the service menu, power was off to RF2, so i turned it back on, and it does now not work at all! there is a red light on the eye links - so power is there, it just will not work!

I have run out of ideas, as it should work!

Any help guyz?



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Thanks, pretty much checked all that, but -

"A common fault is for the socket to break or for the connection from the centre pin to come unsoldered in the printed circuit board."

knowing my luck, it this!

I'll check the voltages again, but the liht is on and still no ones home :)


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Checked voltages, i get 9.7v at the rf2 on the back of the digibox and 8.4V at the skylink in ecah room, i connected the sky link directly into the sky box and it works fine, i am getting a good picture, voltage in all the other rooms but the remote signal is still not getting through, i have not changed anything from before?

Any other ideas?


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Well i do have agrundig box, and says in there that there power supplies can cause this! o well! moving in 4 weeks and going freeview :)

Any one want to buy 2 x slx links and a an slk 4 output power boaster? :)

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