Sky Link Cabling idea. Thoughts Wanted

Discussion in 'Sky Digital TV Forum' started by Silver1, Nov 14, 2004.

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    Planning to finaly pipe Sky around the house. Thought I could make use of the CT63 "Shotgun" coax cable thats used for installing Sky+.

    I plan to;

    1) Replace the coax to the sky box (with CT63 dual coax) Connect one part1 of the lead to the dish input. The second part2 of the dual coax to the RF2 socket to feed the IR links.

    2) In the loft, cut the standard coax coming from the sat dish and reconect it to part1 of the CT63 cable to give the feed to the sat box.

    3) Again in the loft!! Connect the remaining part2 of the cable to a suitable splitter to pipe signals to the other TV's.

    My questions; Will it work? Is it a suitable cable to use?

    The reason for not just running an additional cable is that I've just had a new freeview aerial fitted and now have 2 cables down the front of the house and don't want a third.

    :offtopic: The new TV I've just bought has a freeview reciever built in. Does anyone know if it's possible to pipe that around to the other TV's as well?

    Thanks in addvance.

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