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This may sound like a very silly question but I have had to unscrew the satellite lead from the back on my box when I had to move it because I had just got a new tv cabinet. When putting it back does it matter how tight the screw is or how far the lead is in the connector. What I mean by this is that does the picture work fine as soon as the lead is connected or does it make a difference as to how well it is connected i.e. lead screwed further home. The reason I ask is that the footie I have today looks a bit mpegy it could literally be the weather but I just wondered that if the lead isn't put back properly and I am pretty sure it is as it is pushed and screwed in as far as it can go in whether or not it could affect the picture in this way.

Sorry this was a bit confusing and thanks for any help you can give in advance.


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The lead needs a good clean solid connection, any problems will result in signal interruption across all the channels not just the footy:)
On that subject I did think that the picture during the Man U game was not as good as it has been previously.


Thanks for your help, it is still not great at the moment but I have a horrible feeling that it might be my tv that is going instead and I really hope its not, my eyes are really knackered at the moment so it could be a virus grrr I hate it when you look at a picture and it isn't quite right but you can't put your finger on it normally that tends to be the contrast that goes with my tv's for some reason I just hope its not. Still I get a sky+ box installed on thursday I will ask the engineer to have a look.

Thanks again

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