sky keeps loosing its lock signal and problem with dish input1.


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Hello once again I have a problem with the sky plus box just like the sky box before it. I loose the signal.
I went into sky menu No4 system set up and onto no6 signal strength only to find Id lost it. So i assumed that the cable was at fault like last time (when the sky technician called out at great cost as usual) the cable and connecting unit was fine but the (dish input 1) connection shows signs of over heating and the cable was broken and black. The same problem as before so this time I cleaned the cable cut back to fresh wire and reconnected.
The cable was replaced approx a year or so ago yet Ive ended up with the same problem (last time he told me it was water getting into the cable) surly not again. Is it easy to replace this dish input 1 connector at the back of my sky box. Ive no confidence in sky as they just simply want your money without much sympathy for your problems.
can someone also advise on what cable to buy so I can replace the cable my self. thank you for any advice given. :lease:


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have discovered that I have defiantly water ingress to one of the cables. My youngest son is coming home to help me run the new cable throw the house to minimize outside exposure. All sky want to do is throw it over the roof from the dish to the tv. Fine till we get another year or so down the road and same problem. Sky installers not interested in running cable throw house, will fit the rubber boots at same time. :smashin:. Thanks for the advice.

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