sky+ just killed my lnb... :(


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Turned the sky off to go play with the car, came back in and had the "no satellite signal being recieved" notice up....odd thinks i....checked there wasnt a fat pigeon on the dish, (wasnt!) so thought one had crashed into the dish, pointing it at jupiter (not a particularly interesting output, as far as planets go...:D)..
Thing is, my dish is on a flat roof, and is shared by 4 flats-myself and three others. the others dont use the sky connection, but when i upgraded to sky+ i did the gentlemanly thing of putting up an 8 way lnb, so that i didnt mess with their connections and they could upgrade if needs be.
The question is, can 1 sky+ box support an octo? or has it just died of deadness?
The sky+ box refuses to acnowledge the theres an lnb, but the signal is huge and of good quality....
im back to running a 4 way on normal sky and its ok, but no recordyness..:(

(sky wont touch it as its a shared dish and higher than normal)

thanx in advance...

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