Sky+ Jerking when recording


Quickie for you guys - whenever I use Sky+ to record a channel it makes viewing of any other channel almost impossible; the pricture jerks, freezes & pixellates and the sound is also very bad.

If I stop recording, the picture goes back to perfect.

In addition, the recorded programmes are also jerky etc.

Just been on the phone to Sky who say it's not the LNB (we had multi-room installed in the Summer and have had no problems whatsoever with that) and it could be that the hard-disk is on it's way out and that as I have had the box for almost 2 years, it is out of warranty. I tried to argue that if it was the hard-disk failing, then it was obviously not 'fit for purpose' but didn't get very far with that one! :thumbsdow

Could I just put a new hard-drive in - would that fix the problem?

Any help/advice appreciated :smashin:


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In the early days the hard drive used by SKY+ carried a 3 year warranty via it's original manufacturer, some people got replacements by going direct and bypassing SKY.
Don't know if this is still the case.

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