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My father has had a sky dish and box and put it up himself.He can get bbc channels but not Itv 1,2,3 etc.Before i advise him to ring up sky and ask for a freesat card £20 i am just making sure this is all he needs.He does have old cards but i think they still dont allow these channels and the sky box works without the card apart from the itv.
I am sure this has been asked before numerous times that all he will need is a freesat card but does he need a telephone input as well?


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A £20 freesat card will allow him to watch the FTV channel (ITV1/2, CH4 and Five) if the card is used in a SKY digibox, no phone line is required.
ITV have already said they will go FTA soon but you would still need a card for CH4 and Five for at least another 18-24 months.
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