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Sky seem to have sold the names and subscription dates to an insurance company who are mail-shotting and then phoning with dire warnings re the expiry of you cover.

The prices they are quoting are pretty high, upto 160 per year for a sky plus box and a second reciever which we have.

Interestingly my Grundig reciever developed an intermittant fault a few weeks ago and I looked at getting it reparied - the reapir cost would have been about what the insurance was for the year on a single reciever (I think this was about 50 quid). I bought a refurb Panasonic - a much better model for £25 off an ebay business - works fine!

Sky plus boxes seem to go for about £100 - so before you fork out £160 to extend the warrenty its worth condiering this.


Since I can buy a brand-new Sky+ box for £160, I don't think I'll be paying £160 a year insurance :rolleyes:

Boy Lex

These people are con artists and thrive on business from people like my grandmother who have the better to be safe than sorry mentality and believe them when they say that a lighting strike could hit your sky box at any time.

Deleted member 49876

your right sadley - its well out of order - its best to offer to help any elderly relatives with technology questions, and advise them that anyone saying buy this now over the phone, by mail shot or on the doorstep is almost certainly trying to rip you off.

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