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Is live now. Tried this out this evening and it works. You can choose how long you are able to rewind (up to 1 hour). Limitations in that it resets itself when you change channel, but may come in very useful for celebrating that last minute goal over and over again or catching the end of your favourite movie. (as long as you are tuned to the correct channel)
Now looking forward to being able to record 2 channels at once in the new year (next update i presume):D

jason t

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can you please tell me how this feature works and its purpose ,i know i might sound thick but i just havent got a clue what it does or how to use it




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It's very simple.
For example you set the Instant Rewind to 30 minutes so the SKY+ records the last 30 minutes of whatever tuner 1 is tuned too. So at any time during live viewing you can rewind the channel you are watching upto the time limit you have selected in the menu.
Of course if you set it to 30 minutes and you have changed channels during that time you will get X amount of a previous channel and X amount of the current channel.


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With SKY+ if you change channels then the rewind facility resets itself. For example, if you are watching Sky 1 (an episode of the Simpsons perhaps) and you have set the buffer to 30 minutes then at the end of the show you can rewind to the start of the episode and watch it all over again. If, however, you change channels at the end of the Simpsons, then the buffer appears to reset. This mean that 10 minutes into an episode of old Corrie:blush: you can only rewind to the start of that particular episode, (you will not be able to watch the previously viewed Simpsons)
Using this feature, which may or may not prove to be useful, also seems to slow down the software so that changing channels is little slower.


cheers captaindobie

i hadnt noticed that had appeared

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