Sky+ installed then the problems start!



Having followed the Sky+ threads and just had the £99 offer installed i was not surprised to get home last night and find out that i had an old Pace box(no problem) but the signal was dropping out on certian channels and the remote did not work the volume on the tv.The remote was supposed to be set up by the engineer according to the sales receipt??
He spent 10 minutes at the property - is that a record?
Also i have not got Sky movies which i am paying for.
I guess i am not alone with these probs?

Hey ho - onto Sky now.



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Sorry about the problems - it sounds like the 'engineer' has let you down, not your +. I'd complain to Sky hopefully they should sort out the signal thing (possibly dish alignment) & movies. The instructions for the remote are on Sky, or they may talk you through it on the phone. - But if the engineer's calling he should do the lot.


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Sounds like he just replaced the LNB and not the dish, an often cut corner.

The length of arm on many dishes is not suitable for Sky+'s quad LNB and seriously reduces Signal Quality if used.

Call Sky and complain, tell them that the signal is dropping out and you are getting picture breakup. They may then send one of their top teams, who seem to spends their times tidying up after the messes of the bodgers.



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i the same problem. The first engineer stuck on the new quad lnb and plugged the cables in willy-nilly, as a result i was getting loss of signal across all channels.

a better engineer was dispatched who aligned the dish, which the orig installer should have done, and solved the prob.

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