Sky Installation


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Just looking for some advice and personal experiences with regards to sky installation.

What is the best way to go with this, somewhere like comet/currys or would you contact sky direct?

How about a satellite specialist?

HOw flexible are the installers...Ideally I would like the cable to go through the garage and then into the living room rather than having wiring through the house.


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There seems to be quite a few bad experiences with Sky installers. My experience suggests if your lucky they'll be co-operative, if you don't ask too much. 'Too much' will probably depend on how busy he is, what time it is etc. Allegedly as you will pay more a private installer will be more helpfull. If what your asking is not particularly harder than what they'd do anyway, or is just an alternative way, my experience is a brew & a friendly demenour & you'll get good service.
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