SKY Installation-SLOPPY


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My SKY +plus broke down last week-NO SATELLITE SIGNAL RECEIVED.

Engineer called yesteday. All three wires going into the LNB corroded badly and full of water.

SEALED only by insulation tape.

New LNB Fitted-all wiring protected by rubber grommets, as should have been the first installation.

Fortunately my set still had a week of warranty cover-
otherwise £60+ plus + LNB



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Hmm, interesting. I went up on my roof today and fitted my new quad LNB for Sky + (just before the rain came :eek: ) and have to say that the rubber grommets provided with it are not at all tight on the cable. I also noticed that the connection cover has a couple of small holes drilled in the bottom, I guess for any water to drain.

Having read your post I think I will go back up (when the weather is better) and pack the connection box and grommets with silicone just to make sure. (though that might be a pain if I ever want to use the 4th connection or replace cable but I guess it should be done.)
Im an independant installer , im always getting called out for shabby instalations usually done by sky , all Lnb connections should be sealed with self amalgamating tape its the only way to ensure water doesnt get in , the rubber gromets supplied are useless.

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