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I've just ordered SKY+, but suddenly am a bit concerned that it may mess up my distribution I have in the house. Let me explain...

I've got the terrestrial ariel and the single LNB from Sky currently feeding a Labgear Handylink 4+4 digital (I couldn't see the model number). This feeds downstairs to a panel (triplex I think - Sat/Tv/Return/FM Dab) and then onto the normal Sky box. The labgear box only has a single LNB input. The box also feeds tvs in two other rooms, ie terrestrial and sky on channel 6.

How will the engineer wire up the house? Will he be able to utilise the lnb cable which is in place, or will he run a cable outside the house and through the wall to the tv point with the two lnbs?

Also if he runs a shotgun cable through the wall, will the return allow the SKY+ box to output to the different rooms, and utilitse the terrestrial ariel. Also can anyone enlighten me as to how I would choose the different options of sky+ in the different rooms, ie will I have SKY+ recorded as channel 6 and sky+ live tv on channel 7...

I realise it is a lot of questions, but any help would be greatly appreciated. :lease:




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i cant answer all your questions but here goes on a few

1. sky + needs 2 lnb feeds and the box has 2 lnb inputs.

2. u will get a quad lnb as sky hope u will keep existing box.

3. sky + will only output one channel on rf. It will not output the ch u are recording.

4. I cant figure out how u can continue with ur tv distribution system.




The Sky installation is a "standard installation" - a minidish with 4-output LNB on the wall, two cables from that to the room where the digibox is located. If you don't want this, you should not order from Sky, but you should purchase the box, cable, and dish yourself, and get an installer to fit it for you.


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Firstly - thankyou for your replies!

I've already ordered from Sky, so i'm snookered. If the two cables do come round and into the living room then can I still utilise the distribution system? Basically it seems to combine the current lnb and rf ariel from the loft to the living room, splitting them at the faceplate and there is a separate rf feed back to the labgear box in the loft.

If the new cables come through the wall into the living room can I use the rf ariel from the loft into the Sky+ box and use the return lead to send Sky+ back up and to the other rooms?

I hope this question makes sense...


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Anyone got any ideas? Sorry to bump, but i'm desperate - OH will go mad at em spending so much :lease:

AV Junky

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The return from the box, that is then distributed around the house, will still function as normal. Would need to re-tune channel 6 on all the TVs, unless the RF frequency output on the Sky+ is the same as the previous box.

Can't see any reason why the downlead from the loft wouldn't still carry the terrestrial signal.


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Hi Chris,

AV Junky is probably right in saying that there is no reason why the return feed should work any differently. The only difference is that one of the frequencies multiplexed into the feed down to your lounge isn't there anymore and so that particular part of the face plate will just have nothing on it. You should still be able to run the RF signal out of the Sky+ back up to your distribution amp and then on to the other rooms. I'm surprised Sky didn't try and push you onto a multiroom (two receiver, two card) setup!

EDIT: Should have said, give us a shout when the installer has come round if he gives you any nonsense about it being non-standard and I'll pop up that night and have a look for you. A couple of games of PGR and a few beers should cover it ;) Seriously though, it should work no differently than your current install with the co-ax lead coming out of the Sky+ receiver and into the faceplate return feed rather than a TV.




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That's brilliant. I just wasn't sure if the uplink would work. I took the plate off the wall and the LNB/RF are combined, but then split at the face plate, i didn't know if the feed would work without the LNB.

As for Sky trying to push the multiroom, I told them that I only had one TV! :devil: No problem sir, obviously multiroom would be no use to you, we can therefore offer you the same without the multiroom :rotfl:

Can't wait now...
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