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Discussion in 'Sky Digital TV Forum' started by amf, Oct 31, 2005.

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    Hi I have Sky and am considering upgrading to Sky+. I've spent some time reading the comments in this forum but I have a few Qs.

    My dish is at the back of the house but my receiver is at the front, in the living room. When Sky was installed the engineer chucked the cable over the roof. I've since fed it through the loft, but I'm getting too old to do this again :suicide:

    I have run a cable from my Sky receiver to 4 TVs in the house. There are another 2 TVs which have Sky via a video sender. One of these which receives Sky via the video sender is in my daughter's room but my computer wifi router causes bad sound interference :thumbsdow My daughter's bedroom is not far from the dish so I'm thinking of having Sky+ installed in her room with the existing box used for a multiroom package.

    If I do this there are a few Qs I'm unsure of;-

    1. Would the Sky plus installer run 2 cables from the dish to my daughter's bedroom (this has a phone socket BTW), installing the Sky+ box there?

    2. Will he use the existing cable to connect to the new multi LNB so the Sky receiver in the living room continues to work as before?

    3. With that set up, will the distribution of Sky from my (old) receiver to the other TVs be affected in any way?

    4. Presumably I could run a cable (from RF out?) from the Sky+ box to my son's bedroom next door (he uses the other video sender receiver), so that I don't need to use the video sender at all?

    Apologies for length of post....I just don't want to get this wrong :suicide: TIA :)

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