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Sep 12, 2002
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I want to order Sky TV but am a little confused on what it will cost me. It is likely I will need to install the dish at the back of my property since I am in a conservation area.

An independent installer said it would cost £60 for the installation, with £35 for on roof work and £60 for a bracket and pole for the rear of the property. This is a total of £160 for installation which seems quite a lot.

Does this seem right?

What if I subscribe using Sky's online form and therefore £10 installation? Can I then just get an independent installer to do the work and therefore avoid the £60 installation part, thus reducing my cost to £110? How long does it take for installation using a Sky installer?

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

The £10 installation offers only really covers the very basic standard installation. Wall mounted minidish fixed to a solid brick wall under 30 feet above ground level with a cable run around a wall. It will not cover working above 30 feet or if the installer has to work on a roof. Cables will not be run through an attic or below floor boards or holes drilled through damp proofing etc.

SKY do have an isntallation team which deals with installations that require a bit more work but I don't know how prices are arranged for that sort of work.
An independent can meet you face to face and tell you exactly what a job will cost. The £160 quoted does seem a little high since if he is an agent of SKY D he will also get a kickback from SKY. If you signed upto SKY D with him then the installation should be around £10 and then add the cost of the pole and extra labour required.

I would certainly give SKY a ring and explain your requirments and see what sort of price they can give you.
I am also looking at this offer as I have just knocked NTL on the head, but there is no way I'm paying more than the £10 offer installation fee. If Sky can install it for this price over a limited period, they should be able to do it all the time, after all they bleed enough out of you with the monthly subscription!


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