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I have just phoned SKy to get Sky multiroom. I am looking for Sky HD in one room and Sky+ in the other.

The deal they have offered me is: £150 for the SkyHD box, £75 for the Sky+ box and free installation.

I already have an older Sky+ box. The operator said that I copuld save £75 if I asked for a (free) standard Sky box instead of the Sky+. Then, when the installer comes, just give him your old Sky+ box and ask him to install it instead.

WIll the above work? I am worried that the installer will say no because:
- the Sky+ box will be more hassle to install (not sure if that is the case).
- installer may not want to install an old box since he will not want any comebacks if there is a fault at some point in the future.

If we ended up with a standard Sky box, wife would not be happy! (she loves her Sky+ functionality!)

Any advice?


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Any advice?
Go with the offer that Sky have suggested, give the installer a fiver when he arrives to fit twin cables from dish to wherever standard Sky box is going. He's fitting a quad LNB anyway, so whether he uses three cables or four makes no difference to him. Once he's paired your multiroom card up with your standard box and left, replace the standard box with your spare Sky+ box, get the card and box paired and Sky+ functionality enabled, sell your standard Sky box on ebay (or put in the loft as a spare in case either of the two other boxes breaks down).

As far as the installer is concerned, he's fitted the two boxes he was instructed to - and made an extra fiver by running some spare cable for you. You've saved a mint for the cost of a phone call (to pair the card with the Sky+ box) and a fiver in the installer's back pocket. And Sky don't care what box you are using (Sky or Sky+) because you are a multiroom subscriber. Everyone's a winner...

Thinking about it, a fiver's probably too much. Start with a cup of tea and a couple of biccies - he's unlikely to say no. All he's doing is running a second cable in parallel with the one cable he'd have to run anyway to connect your standard Sky box.
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A bog-standard sky box only uses one feed from the sky dish - i.e one cable.

Sky+ & Sky+HD have twin tuners so you can record one channel while recording another. Hence this is why two cables are required for the full Sky+ functionality.

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