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Sky+ install worries, suspect we've been short changed. :(


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Hi all. :)

Am hoping someone in the know will be able to help out an inexperienced soul like myself.

we today had sky+ installed and im a little worried we havent received the kit we were promised. Basically I was told we would be able to record 40 hours and have a brand spanking latest line new box. The thing is im pretty sure our box is the same as my sisters who had hers installed about 2 years ago, and Im sure newer boxes would have been released in the mean time. She has told me her box only records about 15 hours. It also looks rather dated, even more so compared to the standard silver sony digibox it replaced.

The box label says our sky+ box is a 'Pace 3000'.

Can someone please give me advice as to whether this box is the latest line one, any good and will record 40 hours as promised? :lease:

If not, please can someone tell me which box I should request as a replacement from sky. I'm not sure how to go about complaining and whether they will even change it. :(

Many thanks in advance. We've been loyal sky customers nearly 15 years and have always had the top package. So I'm hoping we havent been short changed.

I did ask the sky installer whether this was the current best box and he told me rather shortly that they only have in the van the stock sky give them and this box was the only one.

I dont know if im just being paranoid, but the fitter seemed rather strange, and after I found out we needed a £40 chimney strap (which we didnt need on our normal sky digi install) he didnt even show/give me a receipt of anything, just took the cash. Not sure if this is the normal practice.

Anyways, many thanks in advance and sorry for the nuisance. I've been worrying about this all day.

Sal :)


It sounds as if you've been ripped off by a subbie.Look on the underside of the Sky+, the latest versions have a sticker which says 80Gb.Why did he put the dish on the chimney? If you had an existing dish all he needed to do was replace the single LNB for a quad.Ring Sky and tell them what has happened and ask for a replacement box and insist that a proper Sky engineer turns up and not a subcontractor.


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Definately get onto sky mate, you've been had eh. I had sky + installed a couple of weeks ago, I've got a brand spanking shiney Amstrad/Thomson box, 80gb (has both mkers names, amstrad on the box Thomson on a sticker near it).

Also, mine was done by a subbie. He asked for an extra fiver for a few lengths of cable. obviously this is in the terms also, but same deal cash no receipt totally pocketing it for beer [alledgedly], and fair play it was 32deg when he fitted it. Forty is taking the mick though eh.:thumbsdow


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Just to add to your woes - there have been two different pace boxes after the 3000 you definitely need to get the latest as it is certainly an improvement


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I'm in a similar situation, Sky+ installed 2 days ago after leaving Sky & being offered £49 deal to come back.

No mention at anytime about getting older box or as confirmed in letter today a reconditioned one (which is what I assume A grade means).

It was the Pace 3100 that was installed but I was at work so didnt spot it at the time.

Now in a dilemma as whether to keep what appears to be an apparently reliable box or to stamp my feet in Skys direction for a new one as expected.

Good luck in your quest Salthegal :)


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Just called Sky & was told that the £49 offer is always a reconditioned box & there was no way I was going to be supplied a "new" box. They said that I should have been told offer was for a reconditioned box (obviously I was not).

Asked to be put through to cancellations & told them either:

- New box as I expected.
- Refund £49
- Cancel account

New box was ruled out & I was initially offered £25 refund but by taking the "cancel the account line because I've been missold" all the way I was eventually refunded the £49 for leaving things as they are.

Gives you some idea what to expect when you call Sky Salthegal!

Good luck again.

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