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I am about to move into my new house and will get SKY + installed. I want to put the cabling in before they come round as the wall where my TV is going (and where the sky installer would probably put the cabling) needs to be replastered anyway, so I thought I would put the cables in the wall first.

The thing I need to know is what cable should I use and where can I get it from (I want to use fairly good stuff!) Also, I wanted to put a nice socket on the wall with an Aerial point and the 2 Sky ports (and I don't mean the cheap crap from Argos!

Basically my intention is to keep everything at the highest quality all the way thru. Can anyone give me any advice on how to this, from how to protect the cables in the wall, installing the sockets etc.

I prefer to buy from the internet, so any websites for cabling and sockets, etc would be grateful!

Thanks very much!


with impecable timing, I've just been visited by a Sky engineer - booked to install Sky+ and mirror subscription.

What he says is ...

• The connection from the LNB to the Sky+ box needs to be CT63 (basically two shrinkwrapped runs of CT100 cable)
• There should be NO breaks in the cable from end to end, including connections or wallplates

.. this makes life a bit tricky. In my case, he won't complete the installation!

As a minimum you should run 1 or 2 (in case you want Sky+ in the future) or 3 (if you want a 'return' signal - see below) lengths of CT100 from the location of your TV to wherever the dish is/will be.

You might be interested in these links : who make boosters, splitters, faceplates etc including this specific link ... P_Pages/17-op.htm#PSW242 T

which is part of a really funky range of faceplates (tri-plex I believe).

For other items you might want to try :


Good luck. I'm about to ring an independent and will relay anything interesting.


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Im an independant installer , use ctu100 cable as adders states, best not to use a wall plate on the dish feeds if possible , the less connections the better , dont kink the cable or put any sharp bends in it , this will affect the performance.



Would be interested in your view of cabling possibilities to support Sky+ ....

Sky engineer WON'T install cabling that incorporates connections or Wallplates (though he's reasonably happy to use 'existing' cabling if suitable. I've read previously that the CT100 LND to digibox should be without connection or cable kinks, and no coax, but is this really the only option? I think I've seen SAT signal boosters advertised - do these get around the problem? What exactly is the difference between coax and CT100 - attenuation?

Could really do with some advice ..... for that matter, where area do you operate in??



I installed my own Sky + system from scratch. As a temporary measure, I have joined the cabling (quick and dirty twist the inners together and insulating tape) on one of the feeds. Signal strength is exactly the same as the other direct feed.



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I installed my Sky+ system some 9 months ago.

The cable run (CT100) was around 15 metres which ends at two face plates (Maplins), Flush F-Type Outlet, code VW96E.

I then used two runs of Maplins ready made F Plug to F Plug leads to connect the face plates to my Sky + box, code BM89W.

Signal strengths are 3/4 on each feed.
Signal Quality are around 7/8 on each feed.

I have had no problems with dropped signal or break up. Dish overlooks a golf course and it gets very windy up here.

All I can say is that I have used face plates in my install and the system is working fine.



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