Sky input on constantly damage amp?

Discussion in 'Cable TV & Virgin Media TV' started by chedmaster, Jan 29, 2005.

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    Hi everyone, i'm new posting here, although i have been reading for a while now. I have a basic seperates setup, gale 3050 centre and the equiv. rear bi-polars, eltax liberty 5+ fronts, and I used to have a sherwood RD-6103R amp, which although may not be the best, i liked.

    This became faulty so i replaced with a RD-6106R which is practically identical (for £50!), but it developed the same fault (problems with sound cutting out for split seconds when watching from stereo/pro logic dvd (via coaxial and optical))

    Today i bought a Sony STR-DE697 and want to take really good care of it. On my old amp I had my Sky box's stereo output (from a diff. room) connected to the amp constantly, and it was giving out a signal constantly - even when switched off, i was wondering if this can do damage to the amp having it on all the time???

    I don't know if it was that that damaged my sherwood or if it was just shoddy, i just dont want to hurt my shiny new sony!

    By the way the reason i use the stereo output is because i have the sky coming in through the RF cable, and this carries a mono signal - which sucks, and i dont know why.

    Also if it can hurt the amp would buying an audio switch box help (being able to "turn off" the signal by switching to an empty input)???

    Thanks for your time everyone

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