Sky incompetence is Sky high!

Discussion in 'Sky Digital TV Forum' started by dsg, Jul 18, 2002.

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    1st call to Sky:

    "I'd like the dish installed on my roof to allow me to bring the cable down my front wall and directly in behind my TV, to save routing all through my house"

    Sky reply: "Ok but it could take up to 4 months as you'll need a special heights team"
    This was June's reply and she didn't sound too friendly so I decided to try again.......5 minutes later!

    5 minutes Andrew, very friendly, nice attitude,
    "no problem sir, I'll get a special heights team arranged and do the installation 2 weeks today" :D

    GREAT "or so I thought"

    Stayed off work, got help to move my 9607 beast out of the way and waited....wee man turned up with a wee ladder! :confused:

    Me "Don't think you'll manage with that"
    Him "No sir you'll need a special heights team for that"
    Me "Yes that's what was arranged"

    He phoned Sky, who spoke to me..."We don't have any special heights teams that cover your area :eek:
    (West coast of Scotland).....and we never send a special heights team on a first install" :eek:

    Me "Someone should tell your operators that and save people like me all this hassle....cancel everything right now" :mad:

    Hope this helps some of you to ask the right questions to avoid the disappointment and hassle I've had today!!!

    Looking at NTL now,
    Sky don't deserve my hard earned cash!!! :rolleyes:
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    I wouldn't be too critical of SKY because "very friendly, nice attitude" Andrew made a complete mess of your order. After having experienced the SKY installer quoting H&S regs to me and offering the special heights installtion team as an option and the pleasure of having to wait three months and perhaps pay a premium I went independent.

    Before jumping into the cess pit that is NTL (I have NTL as well btw so I do have experience) I would get a quote from an independent SKY authorised installer in your area, it'll cost more but you'll get to choose the digibox you want and get the job done by someone who hasn't got 6-7 other installs to do that day.

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