Sky in more than one room


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Just a quick question guys.

I have 2 Sky boxes i want to be able to watch in 2 different rooms.

If i run a cable from the out port on the main box to the 2nd will i be able to watch sky on another tv and be able to watch different channels ?

Im not bothered having all the channels in the 2nd room as long as i have the freesat ones and can watch different channel.

If i cant do it like this how can i ? Im not going to pay for multiroom


Sky receivers don't have satellite out sockets.
You could use an aerial cable in the RF2 out socket to watch the current channel on the other TV.
To use the other receiver in the other room, like free multiroom, you'll need a separate connection from the dish.
That will give you FreeSatFromSky or free satellite but not Freesat.
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