Sky in All Rooms I need some Ubber Help

Discussion in 'Sky Digital TV Forum' started by DarkShadow, Mar 3, 2005.

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    have lived in this house for about 4 years with sky digital and I have never been able to get sky working in any other room than the one that the box is plugged into.

    In the loft I have 1 AMP which has 2 inputs 1 UHF and 1 FM and about 10 outputs. When I plug the sky lead into the FHM it wont display on the TVs but when plugged into the UHF i can get the sky channel in all rooms but no analogue.

    So how do I go about getting it in all the rooms ?

    Do you think if i got an output from the sky to a Y splitter with the TV Ariel + Sky then plug that into the amp it would work or am i missing something ?
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    the lead from the aerial needs to go into the sky box aerial in socket, then a lead from the aerial out socket on the sky box run to the amp uhf input. Then run leads from the outputs to the various tv sets etc. This will then show sky plus channels 1-4 / 5 on all tvs.

    If use use the rf2 output from the sky box, and set it up in the service menu, you can use a magic eye to control the sky box from other room(s) too - (subject to the distribution amp)

    In the service menu of the sky box, you can alter the rf channel it outputs on if you get any interference on the picture btw

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