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Sky+ in 2 other rooms through existing wiring


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I can't find the answer i'm looking for so hopefully someone here will be able to help, as i am absolutely rubbish with Sky!

In our new house we have had Sky+ installed which feeds into the lounge. The dish has 4 outputs on it, 2 of which are used and go to the Sky+ box in the lounge.
We have a normal aerial which feeds the bedroom, lounge and conservatory via the loft but gets terrible reception, hence the Sky. There are wall plates in each room.
I want to be able to get Sky+ in the bedroom and conservatory but am not bothered about having to watch the same thing as the lounge, but i would like to install magic eyes or similar to be able to change Sky+ channel and set recordings etc if possible.

I have run a normal aerial cable from the RF output on the Sky+ box to the Tv in the conservatory to test the signal and it worked fine, but this cable was just run through on the floor to test.

Is the best way to get Sky+ in the other rooms: -

A) Run an aerial cable up to the loft into the splitter, which will then feed the wallplates in the bedroom and conservatory. Then all i need is a magic eye between the wall and tv in each room


B) Could i run a output from the dish to the loft then get the signal to the wallplates via the exiting aerial cable already there?


C) Just get some scart wireless receivers and transmitter that i've seen on 'the auction site'

Any help would be really appreciated as i really don't know what is achievable :confused:


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If the terrestrial signal isn't needed then the lounge aerial cable could be used as RF2 output from the Sky+ box to feed the signal to the splitter in the loft which will then distribute to the other TVs, then you just need magic eyes to control them. Note with this way every TV is showing the same (the Sky+ output), and your splitter needs to be one that passes the power for the magic eyes. Mine is a Global Link T140, and I run it with a transformer to help boost its signal.


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Your Option A is the way to go - especially if you have the splittter in place already, just disconnect the feed into the splitter and replace with the RF2 output from Sky.

AS an addition you may want to consider as part of this having normal analogue / digital TV & radio multiplexed over the same cable giving you the option of normal TV usage as well as radio over the same cable. Even my wife thinks it is a good solution!!

I had a local aerial chap do it as needed a new aerial for Freeview & also for FM in any case and did not have the time / inclination to do it all myself! All in it came to £250 including spare remotes for Sky+ & magic eyes.



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Cool i wasn't sure if i could just use the existing wiring or not. I'll have to get up in the loft at the weekend and have a play around.

Thanks both for the help, much appreciated. :thumbsup:

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