SKY+ image on Panasonic TH-42PWWD4


Glenn Keen

Having now got SKY+ for my new Panasonic TH-42PWD4 plasma I'm watching a lot of sport (as always!). I have notice that there is a very noticable 'pixely' shadow around the players.

Is this a side effects of the compression used on satelite channels or could it be my conections?

I am currently connecting my Digibox to the plasma by the S-VIDEO connection. Would going to a RGB SCART to VGA connection improve matters?

Thanks for any info,
Back to watching the NFL ! :)



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I've got my Panny and $ky+ hooked up to a VGA > RGB converter and watch LOTS of sport, mainly football and picture its as good at is gets apparently with the compression causing varying degrees of "blockyness" especially on the grass. Still I get a very crisp picture, its that good that if the broadcast is not set up correctly i.e. floodlighting not allowed for, it shows up every last problem. I was watching Man U v some Hungarian team in their Champ league qualifier from Old trafford on BBC1 via sky and it was so poor I turned over to sky sports 1 and watched the Ars game instead.
The picture was so much better.

Just that the main camera on the beeb broadcast was ?? over coloured?? well crap any way.

For the VGA converter talk to Joe @ Media Factory [email protected].

Glenn Keen

Thanks for the info.

Guess I'll live with it.

Lets go Raiders! :)


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