Sky+ how long for software update ?


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Just had faulty Sky+ box exchanged for a refurbished unit, the "new" unit has software 1.24, how long does it take Sky to update software to 1.26 and when will it happen ?

I currently have no dual recording feature:(

Also does the 12 month gaurantee continue under the exisisting agreement ? as the faulty box was only 7 weeks old !



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You can update the OS yourself but as with all things you do it at your own risk:)

Hold the backup button down on the box while turn the power off at the wall socket.
Wait 10 seconds and then turn the power back on WHILE STILL HOLDING DOWN THE BUTTON and then wait for a message on the screen or all 3 lights on the front of the box to light up, then release the button. You will only see this message if the SKY+ is connected via scart and the TV is on (obvious I know).
The new software will take around 10 minutes to download and then the box will reset it self and stay in standby, wait another couple of minutes then turn it on with remote or the button on the box and you should be away.

The replacement box is covered for the remaining time of the existing 12 month guarantee.


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Just to be pedantic you can see the message using s-video as well.

I'm off to count the grass now :)

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