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Hi, not being technical at all and having a limited budget, I wondered if I could hook up a US Plasma TV (It has an inbuilt Pal tuner) to a Sky+ box? I know it will take the PC/DVD/Console inputs, but wondered if Sky+ acted in a similar manner to a TV Tuner - eg it sends signals that can be displayed? There are a few US models available via the internet at knock down prices....any clues anyone? The one that looks good has the following connectivity - Thanks
Antenna: 75 Ohm,
Channel Coverage: VHF 2 - 13 ,
Channel Coverage: UHF 14 - 69 ,
Channel Coverage: CATV 1 - 125 ,
Inputs and Outputs
2 RF Inputs
1 DVI-HDTV Interface ,
1 Front/2Rear Video Inputs ,
1 Front/2 Rear S-Video Inputs ,
1 Front/5RearAudio Inputs ,
1 Front/2 Rear i.LINK? Inputs (TS/DV/MICROMV) ,
1 Optical Audio Output (TOS LINK) ,
1 Control S Output ,
1 Control S Input ,
1 Fixed/VariableAudioOutput ,


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You need a convertor to change Sky+'s RBGS video (Red, Green, Blue, Sync) on a scart socket (the rectangle thing with loads of pins) to "HD COMPONENT VIDEO INPUT (Y/Pb/Pr)"

And "RGB Scart to Component video" convertor, the best is by JS-Tech http://www.js-technology.com/rgb-yuv/index.htm ; there are cheaper one available but not as good. You will also need a scart cable and a component video cable.

Alternative approach is to use Sky+ S-video output and connect that directly to your "rear S-video input". Simple. But S-video is not quite as nice a picture. Only price, S-Video cable.

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