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I've recently had Sky Plus installed, at the same time as a digital aerial ( new house), so I have taken the opportunity to have sky distributed around the house using the existing coaxial wiring.

The current set up is this:

EXTERNAL AERIAL --> SKY BOX ( external wire running outside the house into sky box)

RF OUT 2 ( carrying analogue signal +sky) --> Existing aerial plate in wall

Aerial plate in wall --> loft

Loft --> to bedroom and dining room

SO with this set up, sky exists in the living room, and is distributed to dining room and bedroom on channel 8 ( RF out - 68) , magic eye in each room controls box.

So here is the question.

I "hate" the black cable running along the house, and into the living room, from the aerial. As there is only one "aerial plate" in the living room, is it possible to have that cable bring the aerial signal down from the house, and also carry the sky signal up at the same time?

Basically, i dont want the aerial cable running around the front of the house, but instead take it into the loft, and then do something up there?

SOrry if this isnt a good explantion



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Thanks for the reply.

Sorry, i'm very new to this, so confused.

The aerial will enter the loft, and the RFout2 signal will run to the loft, up the existing aerial socket.
Where do i connect the two?

I also need to distribute the signal around the house, to the other two rooms



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you can use the one cable to carry signal down and back using a special bit of kit at each end then when they are seperated in the loft distribute them about you need a bi-directional RF combiner


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Ok, thanks for the help.
Thinking logically, having UHF in the main living is hardly essential, has there is sky plus in there.

So i could run the aerial signal into the loft directly from the aerial, and join it with the RF output from the sky box, and then distribute this around the house. As both are coaxial, and the output from the box would be on a channel not used by terestial in the region, this shouldnt be an issue?

Having not been in the loft, and no means of getting in, i assume there is something already up there to allow the signal to be distributed, so this should be OK?:clap:

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