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Afternoon all,

My old and venerable (4 year old) Sky appears to have given up the ghost.

All I get is the ususal "No signal is being received". And in the signal strength setup menu there is nothing showing.

I'm not prepeared to pay the £65 sky want just to come and have a look at it :eek:

So where do I start fault finding cable, dish or LNB? I think th ebox is OK as I can still access all the menus etc.

Cheers Guys,


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Try a friends digibox on your dish feed... If that doesn't work then you can work back from there... It's unlikely to be the cable itself (unless it's been damaged) so check that the F connectors are secure at both ends and for any signs of water ingress, then test for continuity... If that all looks okay then I would try a new LNB, you can pick them up for about £15-20...


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Simon O has the right idea, but chances are it's your LNB they don't last forever. However if you but & fit another & it still doesnt work you'll feel foolish. It may just be the leads been pulled out! so its worth checking.


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Originally posted by R30Jeff

I'm not prepeared to pay the £65 sky want just to come and have a look at it :eek:

The call out charge does include a replacement digibox (probably refurbished) if your digibox is knackered. The charge also covers any work that may need to be done to the dish and it's associated parts so in those terms £65 ain't too bad.
However if you are willing to cancel the subscription then SKY have been known to offer a free call out to keep you happy although this step could be simple down to the CS rep you get:)

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